Our goal is to provide you with all the help to take what you have in mind for your dream kitchen, add to that a dash of our expertise to put on just the right finishing touches, give you the best selection of the highest quality raw materials, custom build your cabinetry to your specifications by our skilled craftsmen, add the details that reflect your style and you have a kitchen or bath that enhances your life for years to come.

We want creating a kitchen with Residential Design & Build to be an exciting and enjoyable experience you’ll remember.

We start by providing an in-depth FREE Consultation with one of our top designers. In this consultation, we go over exactly what it is you want. Our designers will give you all the options you have available so you can customize your kitchen or bath to fit your needs and that of your family exactly.

We then take the information we've gathered from you along with the designer recommendations that you want and we use computer technology to put the design on paper - so you can see exactly what you're getting and make any modifications now before we ever get started. We flush out the details and put together a full plan on what your desired remodel or renovation will take in time and materials.

And when you're ready, we schedule out exactly how long the job will take and how we can make it as comfortable and easy as possible on you and your family.

When you give the go ahead, we work according to your schedule, arrive when we say we will and complete the job to your specifications and on time.

It's All in the Details

The quality and style of Residential Design & Build cabinetry for you home remodeling can be measured by the level of effort we put into every seemingly small detail. Here is a brief list of some ways we take care of the details of designing and building your dream:

  • Home Designs are engineered for workflow efficiency.
  • Superior quality hardware with a wealth of choices.
  • Exacting fit and finished with the most durable finish in the industry.
  • Innovative custom doors and shelves that just make sense.
  • Hidden doors and spice racks is the best places.
  • Glass doors with an incredible selection of glass to choose from.
  • Appliance centers and special hinges for smooth use and glide.

Are you ready to get started now? If you want to get a jump on your project, we have some tools to help you out. We have a kitchen design questionnaire or a bathroom design questionnaire that you can fill out immediately and one of our consultants will call you within 24 hours of it's receipt.

Here are some tools to help with the planning of your next project:

How to Measure Your Kitchen Guidelines

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